Tasked with designing a vehicle used for the common good, I chose to create a 'Mobile Pollinator.' Built on a three wheeled bicycle, the pollinator is a mobile beehive, enabling cross pollination in gardens that are lacking a natural honey bee population. The hive not only benefits plants, but also is a natural honey collection system. 

This vehicle was created as part of an SVA 3D Design exhibition entitled "Help! Is on the Way - Curious Attempts at Delivering Goodwill." Working with 3D Design Chairperson, Kevin O'Callaghan, I helped conceptualize the visualization of the exhibition, in addition to designing the show logo & graphics. Each vehicle was accompanied by a large format black and white photo and a fictitious story about the vehicle's origin. Together, these elements helped create a fictitious museum of intentions 'over the past 100 years.' 

"Help! Is on the Way" was on display in SVA's Gramercy Gallery in the Spring of 2016. 

Special thanks to Kevin O'Callaghan, Adria Ingegneri, Chris & Kaori.