When “Saturday Night Live” creator Lorne Michaels first matched Maya Rudolph and Martin Short together during the late-night sketch show’s 40th anniversary episode, the seed was planted for weekly variety program “Maya & Marty” — which he executive produces. Fellow “Saturday Night Live” icon Kenan Thompson joins the titular entertainers on stage as they host comedy sketches, musical numbers and surprise celebrity guests. Alex Rudzinski serves as director.

In the summer of 2016 I worked as a Production Assistant supporting the Art Department of NBC's 'Maya & Marty Take Manhattan,' a variety show product by Lorne Michaels starring Maya Rudolph & Martin Short. As a PA, I not only fulfilled various clerical department duties but also created set graphics that were featured throughout the show. These graphics included menus, business cards, fake IDs (shh), posters, banners, signs and faux products. Each week I was responsible for reading all scripts & compiling set research the production designers used as reference while drafting. Additionally I sent all graphics through legal clearance, found stock imagery used in various aspects of sets, & facilitated communication with our printing facilities.