30 Second Rhythms


TomTomTV presented by Reverb

Our mission here at Reverb is to make the world a more musical place. To us, this means not only building a marketplace where musicians all around the world can buy and sell all kinds of music and music gear, but also fostering a community where musicians are empowered to learn and explore their instruments further. Luckily for the music world, we're far from alone in this mission. Our friends over at Tom Tom Magazine have been dedicated to supporting and fostering a community of female drummers since the publication's founding in 2009. Recently, we were excited to collaborate with Tom Tom on a series of three, 30-second instructional drumming videos that have been published on Tom Tom's Instagram.

Shot and directed by Becca Farsace, each "30-Second Rhythms" video features short lessons & female drum instructors.

The set features art by Juan Miguel Marin & rugs by Aelfie. Special thanks to Tom Tom Magazine’s editor-in-chief Mindy Abovitz (& her pup) for a fun one!

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